The Ketamine Experience

Curious how ketamine infusions work & what to expect during sessions?

Many clients are pleased to find the process painless and many state it as therapeutic and enlightening. Most patients experience benefits within hours to days after their second or third sessions, making for rapid relief. Each IV is provided in our safe and peaceful clinic that feels more like a spa. We provide fresh warm blankets, pillows, a sleep mask, noise-canceling headphones, and relaxing music without lyrics. Our staff is among the most experienced and knowledgeable in this field and works diligently to earn your trust.


How much does a Ketamine infusion cost?

One treatment is $475. You can also get 6 treatments for $2600.

What is the Ketamine infusion process?

Our infusions are provided in a state-of-the-art setting. We advise no eating or drinking anything for 8 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to minimize your chances of any nausea, you may have  a small amount of liquid 2 hours prior to your appointment.

The infusion begins with you relaxing in our comfortable infusion chairs in a private setting where we connect you to a blood pressure cuff, oxygen, pulse oximeter, EKG, and other monitors. Ketamine is a very safe drug when administered in a clinical setting. We take all the precautions to ensure your comfort and safety. Our nursing staff will then find a vein on your arm, wrist, hand and insert your IV. Most patients are very surprised how painless this process is. Our staff is among the most rigorously trained medical team and most IVs are started on the very first attempt.

After the IV is in place we remove the needle and the only thing remains is small soft tube in the skin so there is no discomfort. We then connect the tube to the syringe with your specific dose of Ketamine and place on a special infusion pump. Unlike most clinics we administer the infusion in a syringe pump to assure the exact dosing and timing for your infusion at a find-tuned rate.

We start each infusion at a target dose to insure patients get the exact amount of medication over the course of the infusion. Each infusion is about 50-55 minutes and you will be laying down the entire infusion. Once the infusion is completed and you are stable, we will recover you in your setting. The benefits of this process is that after your treatment is completed we are able to provide clients with extra IV hydration or Vitamin therapy to have a relaxing and supportive recovery process.

What to expect during your Ketamine infusion?

During an infusion, many patients will “tune-out”, listen to the relaxing music, and use the comfort of the eye mask provided. IV ketamine reaches the brain within seconds and its effects are felt rather rapidly in about 7-10 minutes. Ketamine induces a dissociative state in which some people report “out of body feelings” and while it may be startling to some, many patients find it to be enjoyable, relaxing and an interesting experience.

How will I feel following Ketamine therapy?

Most patients feel relatively normal shortly after the treatment is complete, usually within 20-30 minutes. Most lingering side effects tend to dissipate within a few hours.

Mild side effects are Fatigue, Blurred or double vision, Dizziness, Nausea, and Headache

Fatigue tends to be the most common and longest lasting side effect, but still short lived as it generally goes away after eating and full night of rest. We do require an adult to drive you home after you infusions. You will not be able to drive for the remainder of the day, resume work, operate heavy machinery, or sign legally binding agreements. 

Will a Ketamine infusion make me nauseous?

Our physician and nurses will monitor you and your comfort through the entire course of the treatment to see how you respond to the therapy. In some cases, feelings of nausea occur, particularly in people who are predisposed to motion sickness or generally experience nausea frequently. This is almost always managed quickly with an antiemetic given before, during, and or after your infusion.

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