Our Team

Louis Scrattish, MD

(Chief Medical Director, Co-founder)

Dr. Scrattish has been an emergency and EMS Physician for 15 years. Throughout his career as an emergency flight physician, he has administered ketamine as an anesthetic thousands of times. From the beginning of his medical training, Louis has been interested in Neuroscience, Psychiatry, and the promising psychoactive treatments that have gotten a bad rap for decades. In his tenure as an academic physician, Louie has given multiple talks and written textbook chapters about the efficacy and benefits of Ketamine and its use in the direst of emergency situations. Additionally, Louie is passionate about supporting mental health and helping to eliminate the stigma of mental health and its treatments.

Stephanie Lawton, RN

(Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder)

In addition to being a critical care nurse for over a decade, Stephanie is soon to receive her Psychiatric NP, and has extensive experience in Midwifery and working with children and families. She is a passionate healer and brings her incredible skills in pediatric emergency flight medicine and her training as an NP to support CK clients on their Ketamine Therapy journey. Additionally, Stephanie is a huge advocate of mental health, supporting the community, and ridding the stigma that exists around mental health as well as the stunted treatments that exist in psychiatry for depression and anxiety.

Shannon Coltrane

(Chief Operations Officer, Co-founder)

Shannon Coltrane consults on the therapeutic side of things at Capital Ketamine and works to support and scaffold clients through their ketamine therapy. She is passionate about mental health and pleased to be a part of the team offering this incredible therapy; additionally, this is a return to her passion and skills as a counseling clinician. Shannon earned her MA in Drama Therapy from NYU and for years worked to bring joy and healing to a wide variety of populations struggling with mental health issues. She brings comfort and warmth to CK and believes strongly in facilitating a healing environment where our clients feel empowered and supported in their Ketamine Journey.

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