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Why Capital Ketamine?

At Capital Ketamine, your mental and emotional well-being is our top priority. As experts in emergency medical care and mental health, we’ve established this clinic to rectify the shortcomings of a healthcare system that neglects patient care and access to effective treatments. Unlike others, we uniquely combine mental health and medical expertise, recognizing that Ketamine therapy requires an integrated and participatory approach for optimal results. Capital Ketamine provides cutting-edge safety measures and comprehensive support services, including:

  • FREE Thorough consultation including guidance and preparation techniques

  • Full ACLS team and advanced airway provider and supplies onsite at all times

  • Highly trained nurse in the room with you throughout your treatment

  • Unparalleled Nausea prevention including a full liter of fluids, vitamins, and medications

  • Follow-up after EVERY session including techniques and tools for processing your treatment

  • Services and resources to help you best prepare and integrate your Ketamine therapy

What We Treat

We offer patients a personalized approach to Mental Health treatment, with ketamine infusions for:

  • Depression (including PPD)

  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Addiction 

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • Anxiety Disorder

  • & other mood disorders

In addition to mental health care, Capital Ketamine offers Ketamine IV treatments for Chronic Pain.

Comprehensive Care

Capital Ketamine provides thorough preparation recommendations and resources for healing, integration, and aftercare. We strongly recommend that patients receive professional mental health counseling and/or Integration coaching while receiving Ketamine therapy for the best possible support in processing Ketamine experience(s). Looking for a counselor or coach? We’re happy to connect you! We have insurance-covered and private-pay therapists and coaches we work with and can collaborate to set you up with an excellent comprehensive care plan! Please also consider joining our monthly Journey Group to share your experience and connect with others going through the same thing.


“Depression and Anxiety can be a debilitating disease, particularly after a traumatic event. Add PTSD and making it through each day is an effort. I have had chronic depression for over 25 years. I follow my doctor’s and psychologist’s recommendations and have daily coping skills. After a traumatic event, my depression became so bad, I consider suicide. I was not able to help myself. My doctor recommended Ketamine Therapy. I knew medications would take a long time to give any relief. I researched Ketamine Therapy and chose Capital Ketamine in Monona. I was very apprehensive. My consult with Shannon we key to my success. She explained in detail what I might expect and how to manage any apprehension. I followed her advice and my treatments went very well. The staff is incredible and proficient. What a difference in my life the Ketamine Therapy has made. Thank you for giving me my life back.”


“My experience with Ketamine has been overwhelmingly positive; in fact, I would call it life-changing. Overall, I am more resilient, motivated, less anxious, and I am able to experience joy in the way that I did as a child.  I can now more easily access & employ the tools and coping skills I learned in therapy, and the negative self-talk is almost completely silent.  I have also been able to set healthy boundaries without guilt, which I have never been able to do before.  Ketamine has given me my brain and my life back; I’ve learned so much through this process, and I feel like I get to live the way I deserve to – as the best version of myself.  

While I do still experience a “down” day or moment here and there, the time spent in the darkness is significantly less than it was before ketamine.  I bounce back quicker and can access healthy self-care skills in those dark moments. 

And I cannot say enough great things about the incredible staff at Capital Ketamine.  I felt like I could trust them all right away and it’s so clear that they all trust one another, too.  They’re so warm, open, and transparent about the experience all the way through, which makes the time I’ve spent with them truly enjoyable.  You get the sense that they care deeply for each other and for each of their clients as individuals.”


“I had an amazing experience at Capital Ketamine. This was the first time I had used this type of service or had this type of experience.

The staff provided a high level of customer service by caring about my comfort and safety. They took care to create a peaceful and private setting for me.

The experience was only about an hour but it was significant. I think fondly even today, several months later.”


“Capital Ketamine is the most caring, professional, safe experience I think I’ve ever had in any kind of medical space. The staff are so patient and gentle, I didn’t know very much about ketamine or what to expect from a treatment but each and every person answered every single question without judgement. The environment is calming, quiet, and private.

After the first treatment, the clarity was impressive! I traveled shortly after my first treatment and my anxiety was so much lower, I felt so much more emotional balance.

The Capital Ketamine team is a dream and I am already so looking forward to my next treatment!”


“I was very apprehensive of the process and effects of the treatment, but Stephanie made me feel so much better!

My brain feels better, my emotions are more under control, and I’m less reactive to tension or instances of anxiety that I’ve experienced before. The treatment works better than anything I’ve tried in the past, you will be a changed person!!”


“The session went really well. Since my last treatment, I continue to notice my anxiety is no longer in charge of my life. When faced with stressors my mind may begin to ruminate on unhealthy or negative thoughts, but that way of thinking only lasts for seconds. I am able to push the negative thoughts aside and deal with the situation with confidence and ease. I haven’t had any Xanax for about six weeks and have recently stopped taking Cymbalta.

It truly has changed my perspective about myself, how I feel, and how I navigate the world. It feels as though a tremendous weight has been lifted and I can now focus on living my life. There are so many people I know who would benefit from this treatment and I continue to educate them on my own success and tell them about you. So, thank you Capital Ketamine for helping all of us who were not previously helped by “traditional” treatment methods.”


“In short, I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Capital Ketamine. Not only has the staff been amazing, but my experiences have all been very positive.

It’s really hard for me to put into words all of the things that have “changed” for me since I started with Capital Ketamine.  I was struggling mightily with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. I started with Capital Ketamine in January of 2023. Since that time, my life has undergone amazing changes. I have lost 40+ pounds. Started a new job. Have been alcohol-free for over 6 months. And I have a fresh and optimistic view of my future for the first time in a very, very, very long time.  I contribute all of these positive changes in my life to my experiences with Capital Ketamine. I do not believe for a second these changes could have been made without the life-altering undertaking provided by Capital Ketamine.

I am so happy with my choice to take the leap with Capital Ketamine.  It’s been amazing.  My family and I are so thankful for all of these changes and I hope others can experience similar results as I have with this life-saving service.

I really, really, really appreciate everything Capital Ketamine has done for me and my family.  I am forever a believer and am in debt to Capital Ketamine for this new lease on life.”






6 VISITS – $2,600

(We recommend 6 sessions over a 6 week period, followed by boosters as needed)

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What is the Ketamine infusion process?

Our infusions are provided in a state-of-the-art setting. We advise no eating or drinking anything for 8 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to minimize your chances of any nausea, you may have a small amount of liquid 2 hours prior to your appointment.

The infusion begins with you relaxing in our comfortable infusion chairs in a private setting where we connect you to a blood pressure cuff, oxygen, pulse oximeter, EKG, and other monitors. Ketamine is a very safe drug when administered in a clinical setting. We take all the precautions to ensure your comfort and safety. Our nursing staff will then find a vein on your arm, wrist, or hand and insert your IV. Most patients are very surprised how painless this process is. Our staff is among the most rigorously trained medical team and most IVs are started on the very first attempt.

After the IV is in place we remove the needle and the only thing remains is small soft tube in the skin so there is no discomfort. We then connect the tube to the syringe with your specific dose of Ketamine and place on a special infusion pump. Unlike most clinics we administer the infusion in a syringe pump to assure the exact dosing and timing for your infusion at a find-tuned rate.

We start each infusion at a target dose to insure patients get the exact amount of medication over the course of the infusion. Each infusion is about 50-55 minutes and you will be laying down the entire infusion. Once the infusion is completed and you are stable, we will recover you in your setting. The benefits of this process is that after your treatment is completed we are able to provide clients with extra IV hydration or Vitamin therapy to have a relaxing and supportive recovery process.

What to expect during your Ketamine infusion?

During an infusion, many patients will “tune out”, listen to the relaxing music, and use the comfort of the eye mask provided. IV ketamine reaches the brain within seconds and its effects are felt rather rapidly in about 7-10 minutes. Ketamine induces a dissociative state in which some people report “out of body feelings” and while it may be startling to some, many patients find it to be enjoyable, relaxing and an interesting experience.

How will I feel following Ketamine therapy?

Most patients feel relatively normal shortly after the treatment is complete, usually within 20-30 minutes. Most lingering side effects tend to dissipate within a few hours.

Mild side effects are Fatigue, Blurred or double vision, Dizziness, Nausea, and Headache

Fatigue tends to be the most common and longest-lasting side effect, but still short-lived as it generally goes away after eating and a full night of rest. We do require an adult to drive you home after you infusions. You will not be able to drive for the remainder of the day, resume work, operate heavy machinery, or sign legally binding agreements. 

Will a Ketamine infusion make me nauseous?

Our physician and nurses will monitor you and your comfort throughout the entire course of the treatment to see how you respond to the therapy. In some cases, feelings of nausea occur, particularly in people who are predisposed to motion sickness or generally experience nausea frequently. This is almost always managed quickly with an antiemetic given before, during, and or after your infusion.

How is a Ketamine infusion different than Esketamine nasal spray?

Capital Ketamine offers Ketamine Infusion Therapy. This means we administer a low dose of Ketamine via IV directly into a patient’s bloodstream. Esketamine is self-administered as a nasal spray under medical supervision, with treatment typically lasting for several hours. IV delivery of the Ketamine dose allows us to maintain better control of the infusion rate as well as over the start, stop, and duration of a patient’s experience, typically lasting around 40 minutes per session. IV administration also provides steadier dosage control, affording our patients a deeper and more immersive experience. Additionally, with IV, we can provide supplemental medications, as necessary, to assist in managing comfort without additional patient effort.

Do I need a referral for Ketamine Infusion Therapy?

Capital Ketamine does not require patients to provide a psychological or psychiatric referral in order to receive Ketamine Infusion Therapy. We do recommend that our patients continue to receive counseling from a professional mental health provider while they receive their Ketamine therapy so that they’re able to receive the best possible support in processing their experiences.

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