Ketamine Mental Health Disclaimer

We at Capital Ketamine believe that regular assessments by psychological professionals are a vital part of any effort to improve one’s mental health.  However, we are also aware that finding such care, especially post-covid, is easier said than done.

Author Kelly Nenn explains, “Our nation is experiencing a dangerous imbalance. The National Council for Behavioral Health reports that 77 percent of counties across the country have severe shortages of behavioral health professionals… A Harvard University study recently found just 17 percent of phone calls placed to get an appointment with a mental health counselor were successful.”

Even when clients can find appointments, the realities of being able to afford the treatments and schedule them into their hectic lives can be nearly impossible.

If you believe Ketamine treatment may be helpful for you, our health professionals at Capital Ketamine will conduct a screening intake session prior to any treatment to determine if treatment with IV ketamine is right for you. If you are deemed an ideal candidate for IV Ketamine treatment, we can go ahead with initial sessions while we work together to find you professional mental health treatment.

We also will provide you with a robust packet of information that may be helpful in finding a mental health professional that fits your unique needs and limitations.

For more reading on the severe shortage of mental health providers in the United States, please see these links:

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